• Nail-biting – a habit regarded as embarrassing by sufferers, but hardly noticed by non-sufferers.
    Hypnosis to stop nail-biting

    When I first began to work as a hypnotherapist I was surprised by the number of people who appeared in my clinics looking for hypnosis to stop nail–biting.   Many of these clients expressed embarrassment, self-consciousness and even shame about biting their nails.

    This was especially true for people who worked in jobs where their hands might be more visible such as reception or typing or in jobs where hygiene was a factor such as waiting on tables or food preparation.

    Many of those who came for hypnosis to stop nail-biting explained that the habit could be painful as nails bitten to the quick resulted in broken and cut skin and hangnails.  While the act of nail-biting itself could cause pain, simple operations such as washing dishes or picking up certain foods, such as vinegary chips could be excruciating.

    All in all it was a habit which they wanted to be rid of.   

  • Hypnosis to stop nail-biting works really well - usually in one pleasant session

    While pain could be a factor, embarrassment was by far biggest factor in their coming for hypnosis to stop nail-biting.  When I pointed out that most people wouldn’t even be aware of their problem and in reality would not be concerned if they did know about it, to my clients it made no difference.  Basically the problem was personal to them and quite troublesome.

    Although the given wisdom at the time was that nail-biting is a symptom of anxiety and as such required multi session analysis, I discovered that nail-biting could be addressed much more quickly than that - usually in just one session.

    The reality is that most people who bite their nails are not that different to the general population and may just have evolved the problem as a habit in much the same way that smoking or chocolate can be a habit.

    While I sometimes work to alleviate anxiety with nail-biters, the reality is that for most people this is not necessary.  Most people will comfortably break the habit after one simple, pleasant session of hypnosis to stop nail-biting.  

    Back then I was surprised at how effective basic hypnosis was in treating nail-biting.  Now, with years of experience I recognise it as a superb tool in the breaking of unwanted habits.  Today it is my method of choice for nail-biting because of its simplicity, the pleasantness of the treatment, because only one session is needed, and above all it’s very high level of success.

    If you are interested in hypnosis to stop nail-biting, then why not join the many others who have left this habit behind.

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