• Five ways that Hypnosis for Weight Loss can help you to fit into it by Christmas
    lose weight with hypnosis

    As the year approaches the party season your thoughts may be turning towards what you are going to wear. Indeed if you have something nice in the wardrobe you might possibly be disappointed if you discover it doesn’t fit as well as it used to.

    If this is because you are slimmer, then all may be well and good.  If, however, it is because you have gained a little weight then don’t worry – help is at hand.  There are many wonderful ways of losing weight, from weight loss clubs such as Weight Watchers and Slimming World to any one of the many speciality diets that are doing the rounds.  And of course there are the tried and trusted approaches of hypnosis for weight loss.

    There are quite a few hypnosis based approaches that work really well with weight loss.  Choosing the right one for you will not just minimise the cost but will also maximise success.

    As always with weight loss there is a basic assumption of a desire to achieve your goal.  Once this is in place, even if the goal seems difficult, hypnosis can be brilliantly effective at helping you reach your weight loss goal.

    Below are some of the best hypnotic approaches I have used over many years to help my many clients lose weight.

  • Dumping fattening foods – using Weight Loss Hypnosis to cut them out
    stop eating bars to lose weight

    Clients often remark that if they could just cut out chocolate or fizzy drinks or take-away etc. the weight loss would take care of itself.  This is a situation that is very similar to a smoker wanting to quit cigarettes.

    The same approach that works so well for quitting cigarettes works just as well for quitting fattening foods such as biscuits or take-away or chocolate.  Indeed my clients are often surprised at how easily they remove fattening foods from their lives with hypnosis.

    Using weight loss hypnosis to remove fattening and addictive foods is very straightforward and takes no more than one or two sessions.  Often one session is sufficient, but if there are a few fattening foods to be removed, a second session might be advisable.

  • Dumping the Munchies – Weight Loss Hypnosis to cut out snacking
    hypnosis to lose weight - stop snacking

    Another difficulty reported by clients is snacking between meals or in the evening.  This is often connected to some of the fattening foods mentioned above.  Again snacking is quite easy to deal with.

    A typical and surprisingly effective way of doing this is to use hypnosis to substitute drinking water for snacking.  With this approach where you might previously have snacked between meals or in the evening now you take and enjoy a drink of water instead.  Simple!

  • Weight Loss Hypnosis for exercise - Burn calories and feel better.
    Hypnosis for exercise

    It is well understood that exercise can significantly enhance your weight loss efforts.  However, for some people exercise holds little appeal and they find it difficult to motivate themselves to walk or exercise regularly.

    Hypnosis can be very beneficial in helping clients to find their motivation and get out and play.  This is often done by hypnotically attaching good thoughts and feelings to exercise (and not so good thoughts and feelings to not exercising).

    The idea is to get people to the point where exercise in whatever form becomes its own reward, after which a more active lifestyle starts to become normal. This could be by walking or getting involved with something enjoyable such as dancing, cycling or some other activity.

    Exercise motivation can be included in stand-alone sessions or in conjunction with some of the other approaches above.

  • Holding your hand over the long term - For people with a lot of weight to lose.
    hypnosis for long term weight loss

    The Hypnotic weight loss approaches mentioned above tend to work very well for people who have relatively small amounts of weight to lose, typically up to one or two stone.  For one to two stone upwards a longer term scheme may be called for.

    An approach I have used successfully for many years involves two initial sessions to get weight loss well and truly underway.  This is followed by maintenance type sessions approximately four to six weeks apart over the period in which weight loss takes place. 

    The approach is comprehensive and can be adapted to the individual’s needs.  Fattening or addictive foods, eating large quantities, snacking, emotional eating (or eating for reasons other than nourishment) and exercise may all be addressed.

    Usually the final session takes place when you are at or near your target weight and its main purpose is to ensure a smooth transition from weight loss to weight maintenance.

  • Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis
    eating as if a gastric band is in place

    Although I originally resisted using it, I have to say that from the outset I was surprised at how well Gastric Band Hypnosis works for my clients.  Today it is the single most requested and used weight loss approach in my repertoire.  Even people with relatively little weight to lose are requesting this four session intensive programme.

    Virtual Gastric band works by limiting food intake as a result of using hypnosis to convince the brain that a gastric band is in place and that effectively the stomach is much smaller.  Clients report feeling full very quickly and as a result they eat significantly less.  

    Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis is flexible enough to incorporate many of the other techniques already described in this article but is particularly aimed at engendering a sustainable feeling of fullness and satisfaction on three small meals a day.

    In conjunction with daily listening to a hypnotic audio track each of the four weekly sessions builds on its predecessor to create a lifestyle change whereby at the end of the process not only will you have lost between six and ten pounds but you will also be confident about continuing the process comfortably into the future.

  • Finally
    hypnotic weight loss to fit that dress

    There are many ways to lose weight, all of which can be enhanced with hypnosis.

    If you fancy being a little or even a lot lighter for Christmas then why not join the many others who have successfully lost weight using Weight Loss Hypnosis and give me a call.  I am sure that together we can arrive at an effective approach that will work very well for you.

    I  will be delighted to to work with  you.


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