• Important – If you want to stop smoking

    When properly administered, Hypnosis is by far the most effective way to stop smoking, normally in one session.  There are many scientific studies to verify this.  However within the field of hypnosis there can be wide variations in results obtained.
    When opting for Hypnosis to stop smoking there are some important factors to take into account.

  • Hypnosis – even better when combined with NLP

    Hypnosis has long been recognised as the best method for stopping smoking and hypnosis has a great history of success in this area.  However when hypnosis is combined with the understanding of the mind embodied in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) it’s effectiveness moves to a new level and as a result good hypnotherapists can achieve success rates well above 90%.
    When choosing a hypnotherapist you should check if the therapist is qualified and experienced in both Hypnotherapy and NLP.

  • The power of Personalisation
    Stop smoking with hypnosis

    Another huge factor in the success or otherwise of a hypnosis session is the ability of the hypnotherapist to personalise it to the client.  
    Often hypnosis sessions are simply read from a script with little or no variation from client to client.  Indeed some sessions are actually pre-recorded audio tracks.  While these approaches may achieve a certain level of effectiveness they may be limited in that they fail to capitalise on the individual nature of each client.
    No two people are the same, and ideally no two stop smoking hypnosis sessions should be the same.  When making your enquiry, ask if the session is an audio track, or at least check as to the degree to which the session will be tuned to your needs.

  • The importance of Experience
    stop smoking bray and dun laoghaire

    Possibly one of the least considered but t most significant factor in quitting cigarettes with hypnosis is the experience of the hypnotherapist.
    Experienced therapists have been there before.  They tend to know what does and doesn’t work.  They are not fazed as there is little that they have not dealt with before.  They have a presence that gives you the confidence to know that you will do well.  In short, when it comes helping you to quit cigarettes there is no substitute for experience.
    It is always worthwhile to ask as to the number of years experience the therapist has, and whether those years were full-time or part time.

  • Attitude

    Good therapists do not “process” their clients.  They care about them.  They respect them and treat them as important individuals with an important task to complete.  Sessions are set up to maximise success.
    How you are treated when you make your initial enquiry can be a good indicator of how you will be regarded and treated by the therapist.  You should not feel pressurised by the therapist when making an enquiry.  The process should be explained simply and without compulsion.  If you feel under undue pressure or unsure of the person you are dealing with then it may be advisable to check with other therapists.  There is a certain degree of "trusting your gut instinct" involved.

  • Finally
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    When making enquiries about hypnosis to stop smoking, do not be afraid to ask questions of the therapist.  Good therapists will be more than happy to answer your questions. It is all about you and creating your successful transition into a smoke free life.

    If you have further questions feel free to call me – I will be delighted to help you.

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