• How Hypnotherapy can help you lose weight.

    There are many great ways that a good hypnotherapist can help you to meet your New Year Weight Loss goals.  For example:

    Cutting out certain problem foods from your diet.

    Reducing or eliminating snacking.

    Eating Less at mealtimes.

    Tailored hypnosis based weight loss Programs.

    Exercise motivation

    Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss

    Removing or reducing Alcohol from your life

    Making it easier to follow the diets of Slimming World, Unislim and other diet clubs.

    If you are one of the many wonderful people planning to get their bodies into shape this New Year then help is at hand.  As an expert in Hypnosis, NLP and Energy Psychology I have the experience, tools and knowhow to ensure you make the absolute most of your weight loss efforts.   
    As always with weight there is a basic assumption of a desire to achieve your goal.  Once this is in place, even if the goal seems difficult, weight loss hypnosis can be brilliantly effective at helping you reach your goal.
    Below are some of the best hypnotic approaches I have used over the years to help my many clients lose weight.

  • Weight Loss hypnosis to cut out problem or fattening foods.

    Clients often remark that if they could just cut out chocolate or fizzy drinks or take-away etc. the weight loss would take care of itself.  This is a situation that I often come across.  It is very similar to a smoker wanting to quit cigarettes.
    The good news is that the same hypnotic approach  that works so well (90%+ success rate) for smokers quitting cigarettes works every bit as well for quitting fattening foods such as biscuits or take-away or chocolate.  My many clients routinely report back surprised at how easily they leave these problem foods behind.
    One of the nice things about using this approach, called “Suggestion Therapy” is that it is very straightforward and usually requires no more than one or two simple sessions.  
    So if all you need to do is simply remove a few foods from your diet then please call me. I am sure I can help.

  • Weight Loss Hypnosis to eat less.

    For many the problem is simply eating too much, at mealtimes or otherwise.  There are many truly effective hypnosis techniques that help people feel good about and be effective at putting less food on their plates, or to stop eating when they have enough.
    Techniques include engendering a feeling of fullness and satisfaction, water substitution, anchoring good feelings and thoughts to the act of leaving unnecessary food behind and instilling a reward mentality whereby the benefits of eating less outweigh the temptation to overeat.  
    I will be happy to assist you in eating less.

  • Weight Loss Hypnosis to cut out eating between meals or in the evening

    Another difficulty reported by my clients is snacking, often using the types of fattening foods mentioned above.  Again, as with fattening foods and alcohol, Hypnotic Suggestion Therapy is a great tool for eliminating snacking.
     One of the most effective techniques for this is to use hypnosis to replace the snacking behaviour with drinking water.  Clients routinely tell me they then enjoy drinking water instead of snacking.  This technique is simple and it works very well.
    Again feel free to contact me if you would like to know more.

  • Tailored Weight Loss Programs

    Often a client has quite a lot of weight to lose, and all the issues covered above and more may be involved.  A different and more holistic approach may be called for.
    An approach that has proved very popular with my clients starts with two sessions approximately one week apart to give the weight loss effort some momentum.  This is followed by sessions approximately four to six weeks apart until the weight loss goal is reached.   
    The approach is powerful but flexible and readily adaptable to my client’s needs. Unhealthy or addictive foods, eating large quantities, snacking, emotionally driven eating and more may be dealt with. I often find that my expertise in Energy Psychology come in handy here as it is great for clearing stuck emotions.
    The final session typically involves work to ensure the progress achieved can be maintained.

  • Exercising – a key factor for many of my clients.

    Many clients report that they find it difficult to motivate themselves to walk or exercise regularly.
    Hypnosis can be very useful in that it is effective in unconsciously connecting good thoughts, feelings and a sense of reward to physical movement so that clients find themselves much  more motivated to get out and do it and find it more enjoyable when they do exercise.  As a result exercise starts to become part of the person’s normal lifestyle.  
    If you need help with motivating then just let me know.

  • Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss Hypnosis

    Virtual Gastric Band Hypnosis works on the basis of convincing the brain that a gastric band is in place.  As a result my clients feel full much more quickly and stop eating.  The basic premise is the limiting of food intake.  It is highly effective and is rapidly becoming my most requested weight loss approach.
    The approach utilises four weekly sessions plus daily listening to a powerful hypnotic recording. Each session is a unique building block in the creation of a lifestyle change whereby at the end of the process a new eating regime involving just three small but satisfying meals a day has been established.  Typically my clients lose six to ten pounds over the course of the programme, but more importantly, they are confident of continuing their progress long  into the future.

  • Removing Alcohol from your diet.

    Many of my clients recognise that they may be drinking more alcohol than may be good for them, particularly from a weight loss perspective.  With the rare exception where the person may be an alcoholic, Hypnotic Suggestion Therapy is very effective at helping them move away from alcohol, either permanently or to simply to take a break from it for a while.
    And of course  removing alcohol from your diet has other benefits, not least of which are health, mental clarity and feeling good next day.
    If you’d like to know more, then feel free to talk to me.

  • Reinforcing non-hypnotic weight loss plans

    One of the great benefits of hypnosis is its ability to increase motivation to carry out any beneficial behaviour.  Helping people to feel good about eating shakes, supplements and following other dietary practises are all part and parcel of the hypnotherapist’s weight loss repertoire.
    So if you are struggling with Weight Watchers, Slimming World and other weight loss programmes then contact me.  I am sure I can make it easier for you.

  • Finally

    If you want to lose a little or even a lot of weight in the New Year then contact me.  You can join the many others who have successfully lost weight using my person- centred, adaptable but powerful weight loss approaches.  I have no doubt that we can design and implement a weight loss approach that is perfect for you.
    Please call - I will be delighted to work with you.

  • You can contact James Jameson on 086 2835758 / 1800924864 or jamesonwicklow@gmail.com

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