• Wine at home – a growing problem but one which can easily be fixed
    The past ten years have seen a remarkable growth in the number of clients, most notably women, who appear in in my clinics seeking help to eliminate or reduce wine and alcohol consumption at home.  In most cases helping them is as simple as helping a smoker to stop smoking or helping a nail-biter to stop nail-biting - almost always the outcome is successful.  The only real requirement of the client is a genuine desire to break the habit.
    Although these clients are far from being under the spell of full blown alcoholism, their drinking still poses problems.  
    For a start, in most cases the habit involves drinking more than a glass of wine a day.  The major perceived benefit is a kind of pleasant anaesthetisation which is fine on an occasional basis.  However if you are doing it daily, it means you are spending much of your time deprived of the ability to deal with life, children, and significant others in a fully present way.  This can lead to resentments, poor decisions, arguments and many other unintended consequences.
    Most people who come for help of this kind also report being less than present the next day, with headaches, low energy, tetchiness and even mild depression.  Other symptoms such as anxiety can rise to the surface as the low energy associated with alcohol consumption means that the ability to regulate unpleasant emotions diminishes.
    Daily alcohol consumption can also lead to behavioural change whereby family outings may be planned to include the possibility of a glass of wine or alcohol.  A trip to the cinema, a concert or even a nice walk are rejected in favour of the false happiness that can be found in a glass of wine.
    In short, drinking alcohol on a daily basis can separate you from experiencing a full life and while OK on a temporary basis in the longer term the effects are invariably negative.
    For most of my clients the alcohol of choice is wine.  Ten years ago it was unusual to have someone show up with this problem, but society has changed in such a way that drinking regularly at home is becoming the norm and more and more people are seeking help to break the habit.
    The good news is that very few of these clients are alcoholics and so one or two simple sessions of hypnosis are usually more than enough to help them reassert their true priorities and break the alcohol habit in a surprisingly easy way.
    If you feel you need some help in this area then feel free to contact me.  I will be more than happy to discuss it with you and indeed to work with you.
    James Jameson

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