• A wonderful Christmas gift for a smoker

    November 23, 2016 | Articles | admin
  • A wonderful Christmas gift for a smoker

    November 23, 2016 | Articles | admin
  • If someone in your life is a smoker, then in all likelihood he or she wants to stop but hasn’t been able to.  They may even have indicated that they would love to stop.  You can help them.  The gift of a highly successful Stop Smoking Hypnosis session with James Jameson can be life changing. And you can make it happen.

  • By giving your loved one a Stop Smoking Gift Voucher you are giving them the possibility of this:
    • A much healthier life
    • A much longer life so he or she can be in your life well into old age
    • The ability to be there for children as they grow up and mature and even to be there for grandchildren
    • The ability to retain youthful energy and appearance for much longer
    • The ability to give children and others wonderful example both by being a non-smoker and demonstrating that even apparently difficult obstacles can be overcome
    • The saving of a huge amount of money, typically over €4000.00 every year
    • An improved relationship with significant others who don’t smoke
    • An improved social life without the interruptions and offensive smell of smoking

    These are just a few of the many benefits that await when the smoker in your life breaks the habit.

  • A very effective gift

    Hypnosis has been routinely documented as the most effective method for quitting cigarettes and James Jameson is one of the country’s most experienced and successful Hypnotic Stop Smoking Specialists.

    By giving someone you care about a James Jameson Stop Smoking Gift Voucher he or she gets the benefits of working with one of Ireland's most experienced and successful Stop Smoking experts, a basic hypnotic process that has a documented success rate of well over 90% and even free backup*.  And that is in addition to the fact that at €245 the voucher cost is recovered in less than three weeks of a typical smoker giving up the habit.

    If you want to give a gift that really makes a difference, and the smoker in your life would like to stop, why not contact James by email or phone.  Your Gift Voucher will be mailed to you.  Then you can provide someone with a present that could add many good healthy years to his or her life. What a gift!

  • You can contact James by phone on 086 2835758.  Alternatively, or you are welcome to email James at jamesonwicklow@gmail.com. Feel free to spread the word by sharing this article and liking James' Facebook page in the panel opposite or below, or by clicking here. Thank you!

  • *Some conditions apply.  For more information ask James.