• It is important to realise that when it comes to resolving your anxiety that you are far more of an expert than any therapist.  The problem was created within your system; therefore, your system knows how it was set up.  By definition, if your system knows how the anxiety was set up, then it also knows how to take it down again.

    The problem is that you do not have conscious access to this knowledge.  If you had, you would resolve it yourself. You wouldn’t need a therapist.  This inner knowledge is not consciously available because it is held at a deeper level.  It is unconscious.

    Most well-known modern therapy approaches are based on logic or conscious mind thinking.  The mantra “Change your thoughts and change your world” could well describe the basis of many of these. However, most “difficult to shift” issues of anxiety are lodged so deeply and sometimes painfully that conscious attempts to control or resolve them can be limited.  Indeed, there is some evidence that after a couple of years people who have undergone these approaches fare no better than those who received no therapy.

    Having trained and indeed qualified in quite a few modern and not so modern approaches to resolving anxiety, I have found that approaches which specifically work with the unconscious tend to get better and more lasting results.  Hypnotherapy is one of these.  Energy Psychology is another.

    However, I have found that perhaps more important than any approach is the connection between you the client and me your therapist.  A truly good connection makes everything easier. It is free-flowing and safe.  This connection facilitates access to guidance from deep inside you which not only tells us “where we need to go” to resolve the issue, but also what to do when we get there.  While there can often be common themes, it is surprising how often the roots of anxiety in clients with very similar issues can be so different.

    Clearing an anxiety issue at its roots will almost always mean that the anxiety will resolve and you can continue your life in a much more normal way, without the need to manage it.  In most cases the clearing will involve physical changes in the body: Clients often report unpleasant feelings or sensations just dissolving.  People tend to feel more relaxed and lighter afterwards.

    If you’d like to know more feel free to contact me. I would love to work with you.

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