• Stop Smoking – how and why Hypnosis works so well.

    Many documented studies demonstrate that Hypnosis is excellent for quitting cigarettes.  With percentage success rates often documented into the mid-nineties, it is pretty normal for hypnosis clients to stop smoking after one session.  Very few therapies for any problem can boast this kind of success.
    As in all therapeutic efforts, it is important that the client wants to change.  Once this is present, results can be superb.

  • Hypnosis – a gateway to the subconscious

    The primary reason for the effectiveness of hypnosis in quitting cigarettes is that hypnosis facilitates communication with the subconscious.  A skilled hypnotherapist is then able to make positive, powerful suggestions that cause that cause the subconscious to dispense with  the habit, usually replacing it with a positive healthy one, such as drinking water and/or taking pleasure in breathing clean air.
    When skilfully done, the act of leaving smoking behind can be surprisingly pleasant.   Many hypnosis clients report few if any of the difficulties associated with other approaches such as Cold Turkey or Nicotine Replacement. 

  • NLP

    A relatively new arrival on the scene, NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming provides a different way of looking at the mind and how people unconsciously keep problem states such as smoking going. 
    Adding this understanding to the already effective approaches of hypnosis means that therapists trained in NLP are able to add an extra layer of effectiveness and consistently achieve excellent results with their clients.

  • Tuning the session to the individual.

    Hypnosis, even when practiced at a basic level, will almost certainly achieve better results than other approaches to stopping smoking. 
    However, skilled hypnotherapists will operate at far more than the basic level. They will go into the detail of when, where, how and even why a person smokes and use this information to tailor the session precisely to the client’s needs. Doing this effectively means that the client will be supported in confidently and comfortably negotiating all aspects of their life without the need to smoke.

  • Experience

    As in all walks of life, the experience and longevity of the therapist makes a difference.  Experienced therapists have been there before.  They know what does and doesn’t work and can comfortably instill confidence, even in those who may have had a history of failure in the past. 

  • Conclusion

    I hope you have found this article worthwhile.  If nothing else it will give you something to ponder if you are thinking of quitting cigarettes.  If you’d like to know more there is plenty of information on this website.  You are also welcome to call or email me.
    Should you choose to stop smoking I would be delighted to work with you look forward to hearing from you.

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