• Healing Anxiety Using Inner Resources

    December 17, 2018 | Articles | admin
  • Healing Anxiety Using Inner Resources

    It is important to realise that when it comes to resolving anxiety that the sufferer is far more of an expert than he or she might think. If you think about it, the problem was set up in that persons system. Therefore, his or her system knows how it was set up and so must also know how to resolve it.

    The problem is that the person does not have conscious access to this knowledge. If he or she had, the person would resolve anxiety themselves. This inner knowledge is not consciously available because it is held at a deeper level. It is unconscious.

    Most well-known psychotherapy approaches are based on logic or conscious thinking and use thought, distraction and even mindfulness to manage anxiety. The mantra “Change your thoughts and change your world” could well describe the basis of many of these.

    However,  “difficult to shift” anxiety issues can be lodged so deeply and (sometimes) painfully that conscious attempts to control or resolve them can be limited. Indeed, there is some evidence that after a couple of years people who have undergone these approaches fare no better than those who receive no therapy.

    Having trained and indeed qualified in quite a few modern and not so modern approaches to resolving anxiety, I have found that approaches which specifically work with the unconscious tend to get better and more lasting results. Hypnotherapy is one of these. Energy Psychology is another.

    Also, of great importance is the connection between therapist and client. A truly good connection builds trust. This makes everything so much easier and enables access to the deeper meaning and root causes of the problem.

    When anxiety therapy is done in the right way, clients are often surprised at how easily and simply their inner wisdom guides them to exactly where they need to go. It can even make clear how to heal the issue when they get there. It is worth noting that very similar anxiety symptoms can have notably different causes.

    Using this inner wisdom to help resolve anxiety will almost always bring an improvement and allow clients to continue life in a much more normal way, without the need to use mindfulness, breathing or other techniques manage it. In other words, as the anxiety resolves, the need to manage it disappears. Life becomes simpler.

    In many cases the act of clearing anxiety will be also accompanied by noteworthy changes in physical sensations in the body. Clients often report feelings or sensations just dissolving. Some clients report feeling more “spacious”. A sense of “lightness” is also quite common when anxiety resolves.

    If you’d like to know more feel free to contact me. I would love to have the opportunity to work with you.

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