• Losing weight can be very simple.

    Years of experience working with Weight Loss clients has taught me that for many people, the secret to really effective weight loss is not comprehensive and complicated programmes. Nor is it attending regular motivation and Weigh-in sessions. Nor is it complicated dietary advice.

    For many the secret is simply to cut out a few problem foods. And the beauty of that is that it can be very easy to achieve.

    So many people arrive at my clinic and say things such as “I know that if I stop eating biscuits, crisps and takeaway that I will lose the weight easily” or “If I stop drinking fizzy drinks and eating white bread my weight will go down.”  The problem is that they also say “I never seem to be able to do it.”

    The really good news is that the secret to helping people to switch off problem foods and drinks is surprisingly simple.

  • Hypnosis and NLP - a simple, highly effective approach

    The same approach I have used to help countless clients to break the smoking habit is just as effective in breaking a bad food habit. That approach is hypnosis combined with NLP.

    The combination of Hypnosis and NLP are hugely effective in creating an internal shift whereby clients discover that not only is it easy to cut out problem foods, but that doing it can be enjoyable. They enjoy doing it to the extent that the thought of eating weight-increasing foods is distasteful and unpleasant and so it is easy to let them go.

  • Normally only one or two simple sessions are sufficient

    A really nice thing about this approach is that is very simple and pleasant to implement. Because the client is simply removing a few problem foods, in the vast majority of cases just one or two simple, pleasant hypnosis and NLP sessions are required. 

    And once clients are happy to dump the problem foods, they tend to be quite pleased at how easily they do it, and how well they continue to do it into the future. 

  • Finally

    I would love to hear from you if you would like to learn more about this approach and how it can help you. You are welcome to call me on the number below, or email me at jamesonwicklow@gmail.com.

    Note: to help prevent the spread of Covid, my therapy sessions are online. I have worked online successfully with international clients for many years, and with local clients since the first lockdown. The process is every bit as effective and pleasant as face to face. If you'd like to read a short article about my experience of working online you are welcome to click here.

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