• Drinking wine at home – when an occasional glass becomes two or three or more per day…

    January 14, 2019 | Articles | admin
  • Drinking wine at home – when an occasional glass becomes two or three or more per day...
  • When an occasional glass of wine becomes two or three glasses every evening. Changing that habit may not be so difficult.

    If you are reading this you may be one of the many, many people who drink wine (or other alcoholic drink) on a daily basis. Or you may be someone who is concerned because a friend or loved one is consuming wine on a daily basis.

    For many people daily consumption of wine or other alcohol is not a problem. But quite a few are recognising it is beginning to negatively affect their lives. There is also a recognition that continuing the habit may bring more serious consequences in the future.

    That is what brings an increasing number of people to my door. Many of these clients recognise that alcohol is depriving them of the ability to interact well with life, children, and significant others. The end result is often arguments, poor decision-making, short temper, distorted thinking, being less than present the next day, headaches, low energy, tetchiness, anxiety and even mild depression.

    Other effects include behavioural change whereby family outings may be planned to include the possibility of stopping for alcohol. A trip to the cinema, a concert or even a nice walk are rejected in favour of the false happiness that can be found in a bar or restaurant that serves alcohol.

    While the vast majority of people in this situation could not be classed as alcoholics, many still find it difficult to step away from or moderate the habit. In many ways it is similar to moving away from chocolate, or crisps or other food that provides short term, transient comfort, but whose overall effect is negative.

    My experience has been that helping such people to turn away from daily drinking at home is very straightforward. Normally one to three pleasant hypnosis sessions is more than enough to change the daily drinking mindset to one of freedom from alcohol at home, or for some, to moderate it, or confine it to weekends only.

  • If you’d like to know more feel free to contact me. I would love to have the opportunity to work with you.

    Note: to help prevent the spread of Covid, my therapy sessions are online. I have worked online successfully with international clients for many years, and with local clients since the first lockdown. The process is every bit as effective and pleasant as face to face. If you'd like to read a short article about my experience of working online you are welcome to click here.