• Working with you using Hypnosis, NLP and Energy Psychology

    Hypnosis, NLP and Energy Psychologyand James Jameson working for you
  • Do you want to feel better?

    When I work with you I focus on you and your needs, tailoring my approach in a way that works best for you.  Although trained and vastly experienced in many Counselling, Therapeutic, Hypnosis, NLP and Energy Psychology approaches I am wedded to none.  Rather I sit with you, my client, listening to what you have to say on many levels, and from there we move forward in whatever way is safe, healing and appropriate.  My clients do well.

    Do you want to feel better? Have you tried in the past and not really succeeded in making things better? Perhaps it is time to talk to me.

    I help people from all over the World deal with and divest themselves of issues both simple and complex. Over the years I have worked with and helped thousands of clients to step forth and fully participate in this wonderful experience that is life.

    Clients report that when dealing with even the most difficult and trying of issues they feel safe supported and loved. They make good positive strides forward and often feel lighter, happier, calmer, more positive, more purposeful or simply healthier.

    With some minor exceptions there is no need to commit to a set number of sessions.  Often seemingly intractable issues are resolved in just one or two sessions while apparently simple ones can sometimes take more.  It varies from client to client but only rarely are more than five sessions needed.

  • Benefits to You

    I would be delighted to help you:

    •    Become calmer and happier by removing anxiety, panic and depression from your life.

    •    Remove negative, limiting thought processes and replace them with positive success oriented ones.

    •    Open up Spiritually, Mentally and Emotionally.

    •    Let go of alcohol, gambling, drug abuse

    •    End habits such as Smoking, Unhealthy Eating and Nail-biting.

    •    Clear your mind so you can learn and achieve more easily.

    •    Move through the limitations that keep you from your goals.

    And that is only the beginning……