• James Jameson, an experienced, caring professional therapist with a record of success

    I am a Therapist and Life Improvement Specialist who brings a wealth of real-life experience and therapeutic expertise to my work. Although most widely known as a Hypnotherapist, and I am one of Ireland’s most experienced Hypnotherapists, my knowledge and skills go way beyond that. I have continuously developed my skills and have mastered many new techniques and integrated them into an approach that is unique, caring and very professional.

    I have a deep and abiding interest in people and healing.  Whether you want to do something straightforward like stop smoking, or to deal with a more complex issue such anxiety or confidence issues I will be able to tailor an approach that works for you my client.

    I am a member of the Clinical Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy Association of Ireland and hold an Advanced Diploma in Hypnotherapy. I am a certified Master Practitioner of Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP). I am qualified to practice and teach the newly evolving and remarkably effective approach to Therapy and Personal Development known as Energy Psychology – indeed I was one of the first people in Ireland to train in this discipline and am now one of Ireland’s foremost experts in its use.

    I founded my first Hypnotherapy clinic in Wicklow in 1998. Shortly afterwards I opened a second clinic in Bray. Both clinics thrived and today Jameson Therapies is one of the most successful and respected Therapy and Life Improvement practices in Ireland.

    Over the years I have continued to expand my knowledge and expertise both within and beyond the field of Hypnotherapy. I have trained in some of the most advanced techniques with some of the World’s most gifted transformational healers and teachers.

    However I bring more to the table than simply therapeutic knowledge and expertise. I also have in-depth experience of the “Real World”.  Early on I worked in construction and catering and factory work. I am an award winning technologist and prior to 1998, in a career spanning twenty years I worked in high tech multinational corporations in positions ranging from project engineering through supervision to senior management.

    Although my corporate career was successful I found it to be stressful and largely unfulfilling. However I did discover that mentoring the people around me, helping them overcome their limitations, improve their interpersonal and work skills and progress their careers gave me very real satisfaction. As a result, when the opportunity came, I took the decision to leave the corporate world and work much more positively with people. Since making that decision I have never looked back.

    I now take great satisfaction in helping people dispense with a wide range of issues such as anxiety in all its forms, self-esteem and confidence issues, the after effects of traumatic experiences (including repressed memories), personal issues such as blushing and relationship problems and habits such as unhealthy eating patterns, nail-biting, smoking and much more.

    Perhaps my greatest learning as a therapist and healer is that good techniques and approaches provide a framework, but they are the least part of the transformational process. What really facilitates healing and transformational change is the quality of presence of the therapist, the willingness of the client, and the quality of the connection between them. Two of these three are gained only with experience.