• After Covid, many hypnotherapy clients now prefer online sessions.

    Hypnosis and Energy Psychology Online

    This unusual year has compelled many people to change how they live and work. Doctors now do online consultations. People who used to work in office buildings now work from home. Shopkeepers and store owners are adapting to online selling 

    Talk therapists, including hypnotherapists, have also had to adjust. Talk therapy in the past meant spending time, often in small, poorly ventilated rooms with one or more people. This wasn’t a problem until the arrival of COVID with its airborne and physical transmission paths.

    Minimising transmission risks

    In the early days of Covid, some therapists, including myself, began to minimise transmission risks by moving towards online working. The advent of severe lockdowns made online working a necessity for those who wished to continue to work with clients.

    Not every therapist, and not every client is comfortable with technology, and many clients can be negative towards the idea of speaking to their therapist via laptop, tablet or phone.

    As a result, some therapists opted to stop seeing clients altogether. Yet, others have thrived in the era of online therapy.

    Embracing the online therapy environment.

    As a hypnotherapist and Energy Psychology professional I have always worked online. In the early days it was by phone, mainly with clients who lived abroad or too far away to travel regularly to my clinic. Skype was a great step forward as now I could hear and see my clients. In no time I was working with clients as far away as Canada, California and Australia. Although I sometimes worked in a slightly different way, the results were just as good as with face to face.

    When Covid reared its head in early 2020 and lockdowns were imposed, to me it was a no-brainer to move my work more or less completely online. While most clients were OK with the change, others preferred to wait until lockdown was over. However, with the extension of the first lockdown, many of these clients opted to try online sessions.

    Now, with very few exceptions, all my clients see me online. As I have always been comfortable working in this way, my clients are comfortable too.

    Choice of therapy platform

    The arrival on the scene of Zoom made organising and scheduling meetings easier and the quality of the sound and picture has tended to be excellent. Zoom has become the primary platform for my work.

    One surprising aspect was the number of clients requesting WhatsApp video sessions. This appears to be for convenience and flexibility, and indeed some clients don’t have access to laptops or tablets. Now around 30% of all my sessions are on WhatsApp. Despite both of us using phone screens, the picture, sound and session quality has largely been excellent.

    Overcoming obstacles

    For a relatively small number of people, finding somewhere private to do a session can be a problem, but even here people have shown creativity. In recent times I have conducted sessions with clients who are sitting in their car, in a caravan, and in meeting rooms booked in the workplace. However, it has to be said that this is the exception rather than the rule. Most clients do sessions perfectly comfortably from their own home.

    People sometimes ask if the sessions freeze or break up.  In reality technical problems are rare, and where they do occur they tend to be minor, with little or no effect on the outcome of the session.

    Many clients like or prefer online therapy

    I am finding that clients who in the past would visit me in my clinic now have a preference for online. The reasons for this vary. For some it is simply the convenience of not having to travel. For others it means they are minimising time off work. Others find the experience to be in some way “more personal”. Some just feel comfortable working from their own home.

    Online therapy just as effective and pleasant as face to face

    My experience has been that regardless of why the client comes for therapy, be it Stop Smoking, Anxiety, Panic, Phobia or weight loss, online sessions are routinely just as effective and pleasant as face-to-face.

    Currently I work on Zoom, Skype, WhatsApp Video, and phone.

    If you would like to know more you are welcome to phone or email me. I will be happy to respond.

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