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    Even the most successful people will report times when their self-belief and self-confidence deserted them, often in the aftermath of poor decisions and failure.  However, successful people tend to have an ability to bounce back, learn from the mistakes and move on.  In these cases the drop in confidence can be put down to a clearly definable situation, and once the situation has been resolved the old confidence comes back.
    This is not the case for many people, and most of us suffer to some degree from a lack of confidence.

    Low Self-esteem
    This could be regarded as a chronic, all-encompassing lack of confidence where a person feels simply not good enough or has a sense of worthlessness no matter what the situation.  It is effectively ever-present in his or her life. Often there is no clear-cut reason for low self-esteem, although when investigated, family background, persistent undermining by parents or other significant adults or even peers during childhood can emerge as a factor.  Traumatic experiences can also be involved.
    When resolving low self-esteem issues there is no pre-eminent approach and perhaps the most important factor is the ability of the therapist to tune into and explore the difficulty with the client, allowing the underlying issues to emerge and the necessary healing approach to become clear..
    Teaching, Cognitive Behavioural work, Energy Psychology, NLP and Hypnosis are all likely to feature as together we explore and resolve the issue.

    Public Speaking
    Fear of public speaking is surprisingly prevalent in our society and people often become un-resourceful when tasked with making a presentation or a speech.  If the speech is a once-off then something as simple as a single hypnosis session will get the person over the line and happy.
    However, where public speaking and presentations are going to be a feature of your life and are effectively wrecking your life then it is important to resolve the issue.  Similar approaches to low self-esteem are usually quite effective in bringing about a switch from fear of public speaking to loving public speaking.

    Sports Confidence
    Nerves before a match or event are normal and serve to fuel motivation and achievement.  But for some people the nervousness is debilitating and can take away from their performance, and even make the days before a match or event miserable.  
    Others may suffer a lack of confidence in specific aspects of their sport such as dealing with a high ball in football, or facing a particular player, or a particular manoeuvre in a dressage event.
    Some issues can be dealt with simply by providing insight or reframing the problem. Others are responsive to hypnosis.  Sometimes the fear needs to be dissolved using Energy Psychology techniques.
    Most Sports Performance issues are relatively easy to deal with.

    Shyness and Blushing
    Many people, particularly younger people suffer from this.  Again the reasons for it can vary, ranging from parental influence during childhood to repressed guilt or embarrassment inducing experiences or events.  Identifying the cause can greatly facilitate resolution.
    Sometimes Cognitive Behavioural work is effective, especially when combined with hypnotherapy.  Hypnotic regression and NLP reframing approaches are also effective, as are several Energy Psychology techniques.

    There are many aspects of life where confidence issues cause either acute or chronic difficulty.  Essentially we are dealing with anxiety.  There is no reason to suffer with confidence issues any longer.  If you want to enjoy more of the joyous and expressive side of life then why not join the many happy clients who have taken a positive step forward and moved into a much more confident state.

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