• Successful stop smoking with James Jameson

    With percentage success rates often documented into the mid-nineties, many studies attest to Hypnosis being a very effective way to stop smoking. However, results can vary.  While some therapists get consistently high success rates with their clients others can lag significantly.
    There are many factors which will influence the outcome of a hypnosis session to stop smoking. From my perspective as an experienced hypnotherapist, below are some of the reasons why my clients tend to do extremely well at quitting cigarettes.

  • Hypnosis and NLP – successful together

    Quite a few years ago I began to apply the understanding of the mind embodied in Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) to my stop smoking hypnosis sessions. While my success rates were already high, the introduction of NLP brought them to an even higher level. Not alone did more people stop smoking, but they also found it much easier.
    As an NLP Master who is also highly qualified in classical hypnotherapy I bring the most up to date and proven combination of approaches to maximise my clients success at quitting cigarettes.
    But there is more to quitting cigarettes than just this.

  • Tailoring the session to the clients needs.

    One of the big reasons my clients do so well is that my sessions are tailored to their needs. They are not simply read by rote from a script with every client getting exactly the same session. Neither are they comprised of pre-recorded audio tracks.
    My sessions are highly personalised, tuned to my clients and their lifestyles. The session supports them in all the important aspects of theirr lives, neutralising smoking triggers and making it easy to stop, even in previously challenging situations.
    No two people are the same, and no two of my sessions are the same. This ability to personalise sessions is one of the main reasons why my clients can expect to do very, very well.

  • Experience is important
    James Jameson

    Possibly one of the most significant factors in quitting cigarettes with hypnosis is the experience of the hypnotherapist.
    Experienced therapists have been there before and know what does and doesn’t work. They are not fazed as there is little that they have not dealt with before. They have a presence that gives the client the confidence to know that they will do well. In short, when it comes helping people to quit cigarettes there is no substitute for experience.
    With close on twenty years’ experience, quite a few of which were spent specialising in Smoking Cessation, I have the knowledge and experience to help my clients successfully quit cigarettes.

  • Caring

    When you are my client I care about you. I do not process you. As far as I am concerned you are an important individual with an important task to complete. You will get the very best from me.

  • Finally

    Smokers who want to quit cigarettes can contact me now and gain the advantage of working with a very experienced Hypnotherapist and NLP Master. The Stop Smoking session will be highly tuned to the clients needs and delivered in a professional, personalised, caring and highly effective way.
    It is all about the client and creating a successful transition into life as a happy non-smoker.


  • If you’d like to know more feel free to contact me. I would love to have the opportunity to work with you.

    Note: to help prevent the spread of Covid, my therapy sessions are online. I have worked online successfully with international clients for many years, and with local clients since the first lockdown. The process is every bit as effective and pleasant as face to face. If you'd like to read a short article about my experience of working online you are welcome to click here.

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