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    Stop Smoking with James Jameson

    First hand Experience

    In the early 1990’s while working in a very stressful job in industry, I had been trying and failing miserably to stop smoking.  On the recommendation of a friend I asked a local doctor who was trained in Hypnosis to hypnotise me to quit cigarettes.  The doctor agreed, and at the end of a 40 minute appointment I left the surgery.  Since that day I  have not even once come close to smoking.  The session was so effective that it was one of the main factors in my decision to become a Hypnotherapist when I changed career several years later.

    If you’ve been struggling to stop smoking, or if you are finally deciding to stop smoking, then help is very much at hand.  The process of leaving cigarettes behind need not be difficult.  In fact it can be really easy.  The solution to quitting cigarettes is hypnosis and NLP.  And it only requires one session.

  • Proven Approach

    In practically every study which compares hypnosis with other approaches to quitting cigarettes, hypnosis comes out way ahead. The reality is that even poorly trained, inexperienced hypnotherapists can achieve success rates of at least 25 or 30%. This is close to twice the effectiveness of other popular approaches. Highly trained, experienced hypnotherapists with a wide knowledge of the techniques can achieve success rates in excess of 95%.

  • Affordable

    My sessions are affordable.  At €245, if you are a typical smoker you will recover the cost of the programme in less than three weeks.  After that, in addition to all the health and other benefits of being a non smoker you will very much be in financial profit.
    And as a caring hypnotherapist, in the unlikely event that for some reason your first session didn’t work, I offer you the reassurance of a free backup*.

  • A very experienced therapist

    As a Smoking Cessation Specialist, I have gained great knowledge and expertise. I have trained with World class innovators, and even now, with 22 successful years working with smokers, I continue to develop and upgrade my skills. I am one of only a few therapists in Ireland to have practiced full time as a Smoking Cessation Specialist and as a result I have amassed vast experience. There are few if any difficulties that smokers may encounter that I have not dealt with.

  • Free Backup

    My clients do well and often express surprise at how easily they stop smoking. While the vast majority of them stop smoking immediately after one session, as a reassurance to those who are concerned that one session might not be enough, I provide the possibility of a second session free of charge*. The reality is that few people ever need it.

  • A Very successful process

    The process is so successful that over 80% of my clients come from word of mouth recommendations. Many doctors refer patients to me because of the effectiveness of this approach.

    Over the years I helped people from all walks of life, including many with a previous history of failure to leave this dangerous, expensive and anti-social habit behind. You too can quit smoking.

    To talk with me, or to make your appointment call 0862835758

    I will be delighted to work with you.


  • You can contact James on 086 2835758 or jamesonwicklow@gmail.com

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  • *Available for up to one month from first appointment.