• Weight Loss Made Easy

    Weight loss has been a significant and integral part of my work as a Hypnotherapist, NLP Master and Energy Psychology Practitioner. I achieve excellent results with my clients using Hypnosis, NLP and where required Energy Psychology to enable clients to lose weight as easily and effectively as possible, and most importantly to be able to remain at their desired weight in the long term. I have a lot of expertise in helping clients deal with the issues that prevent them from achieving and maintaining their desired weight.

    The majority of people who come to my clinic are already aware of what they have to do to become slim. What they have been struggling with is an inability to maintain the drive, desire and motivation to achieve it. That is where my approaches come into their own. As clients experience these approaches they tend to be delighted at how effortlessly they slip into healthy, weight reducing behaviours. Indeed many report positively enjoying their new found slimming ability.

    Some clients identify that if they stop eating certain foods such as take-away or chocolate or sugary food that they will immediately get their weight loss on track. For such people a positive result can be achieved in just one or two sessions of hypnosis. The process is identical to the highly successful Stop smoking program.
    For other clients the problem may be broader in terms of the range of problem foods, the quantity of food eaten (healthy and unhealthy), between-meal snacking, evening time snacking, emotional eating, alcohol overuse, and even poor or non-existent exercise habits. Even with these issues positive, lasting results can be achieved with programs typically requiring no more than four pleasant sessions.

    I use a blend of classical Hypnosis and the new science of Neuro Linguistic Programming which together have the ability to flip old unhealthy eating habits into new healthy slimming ones. For clients who overeat because of significant emotional or psychological issues I am expert in the use of the gentle but powerful Energy Psychology approaches to release the blocks and facilitate success.

    Typically I work with clients whose weight loss requirements range from as little as a half stone (3kg) to over 10st (63kg).

  • Eliminating problem foods

    Ideal for clients who know that if they eliminate a relatively small number of problem foods (for example buiscuits, take-away food, white bread or chocolate) that they will immediately get their weight loss on track. Using hypnosis in a similar approach to that used to help people stop smoking clients achieve excellent results in just one or two sessions.

  • Virtual Gastric Band Weight Loss

    Used by many celebrities, the arrival on the scene of Virtual (or Hypnotic) Gastric Band signified revolution in the use of hypnosis for weight loss. By using hypnotic techniques the brain is induced to behave as if the stomach has a gastric band fitted. The net effect is that when eating people feel full much sooner and stop eating. Utilising daily listening to a CD and four appointments on four consecutive weeks a whole new eating lifestyle is embedded. The result is very reliable and indeed enjoyable weight loss and clients are very happy in their ability to maintain their progress on a long term basis.

    With passing time, the majority of clients, even those with relatively little weight to lose are opting for Virtual Gastric Band and achieving excellent results. So can you.

  • Regular Weight Loss Program

    My Regular Weight Loss Program typically involves 4 sessions and takes place over several months. The first two sessions are close together (one to two weeks apart), and serve to get the process up and running in a way that enables you the the client to keep the progress going for the long term.  The third session occurs 4 to 8 weeks later and serves to reinforce and lock in the progress.  The last appointment takes place when you are at your target weight and is designed to ensure that once the goal is achieved you not lapse but rather transitions smoothly into maintenance mode.

  • Tailored for your Success

    Whatever you need, be it one or two sessions to eliminate certain foods or drinks, or a more comprehensive approach,  this can be discussed by phone and in detail when you come in for your first appointment.

    Regardless of the general approach used, you can be assured that the process will be tailored to suit your particular needs and circumstances.

    To discuss in more detail or to make an appointment you can call me on 086 2835758 or email me at jamesonwicklow@gmail.com

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